Fairport, NY


Hustle Spirit Attitude

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Here are some examples of what the kids are saying about our camp!

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Will McDouglas


We should have kids from all over the city and neighboring towns based off the feed back I received from some parents. Going to be a great year!   Your camp gives these kids, most of them an opportunity they might not get anywhere else, it surely helps us. My son enjoys meeting all the volunteers and kids who attend.  From my experience the kids leave the camp excited about the upcoming season and getting the chance to attend camp. They leave fired up and ready to be team players with individual goals. My looks forward to seeing the kids from the previous camp. He likes the fact that he will play against some of the other kids and will know them when he does he thinks it’s cool lol.  Have a blessed season in life and thank you for what you do not just here but everywhere you do it I’m sure we are all super appreciative of you and the staff and everyone who makes these camps happen every where.  Thank you


Jun 7, 2018, at 6:18 AM

Good morning

We love the camp every year.  I am wondering if it will be held this year and extending myself to help whenever and wherever I can.


Will McDouglas